Aug 17

If you are in transferable job buy land and construct latter.

August 17, 2014:   I am 31 and work for a public sector bank. My wife is a homemaker and my daughter is two. The job is transferable and my bank provides me with leased accommodation at the place of posting. I am eligible for a housing loan of ?20 lakh at simple interest rate …

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Aug 07

With Limited surplus prioritise the goals

  I am 40, working in an engineering company. My wife works in the private sector. My son is 11 and my daughter five. We are covered under group health insurance. Both of us have endowment cover for ?5 lakh. My EPF balance is ?3 lakh and that of my wife’s is ?2 lakh. Our …

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Jul 24

At retirement prefer flat over house.

  July 24, 2016:   I am 45. I am working in a Gulf country. My father 80, my only dependant, lives on his own in India. I wish to buy a house in 2017 and plan to settle in India by 2026. Should I buy a flat or construct a house? Please suggest suitable …

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Jul 11

Expenses overshoot income, Dig your retirement corpus


                         My dad retires in November 2016 and will live in our own house in Jharkand. My parents’ medical expense is ?5,000 per month. They have separate health cover for ?6 lakh with premium of ?23,000. Both have health issues. How do I manage …

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Jul 04

For Post Graduation avail education loan


              I am 43 and am employed with an MNC. My wife (40) is a home-maker. We have a three-year-old son. I have a group health cover for ?6 lakh. I invest only in equity mutual funds, my fund balance is ?6 lakh. Can I reach my goal with …

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Jun 20

Hold financial assets for easy liquidity.

  I am 41, a spinster working in the private sector. My parents, 70 and 64, are my financial dependents. We live in our own house in Chennai. I have the employer medical cover. For my parents I have taken a health cover for ?3 lakh. I may not be able to monitor the plots …

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May 23

Donot block your money just for a over draft.

  I am 38, self-employed, and my wife, 36, is a home-maker. We have two sons aged 12 and 9. My parents are financially dependent. I have a health cover for ?10 lakh and ?5 lakh for my parents, and term insurance for ?1.5 crore. Most of my investments are in fixed deposits (?50 lakh), …

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Mar 20

Avail education loan from PSU bank.

BL 1

          I am 50 and my wife is 43. We are both self-employed. I have a 22-year-old daughter and a son who is 15. My father is dependent on me. My daughter plans to do MBA. Is it a good idea to take a bank loan? I have medical cover for …

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Feb 07

Withdraw from fixed deposits to meet the monthly expenses for first 3 years.

February 7, 2016:   I am 42. I and was working outside India for the last five years. I returned recently for setting up a business. Till my business stabilises, I am looking for monthly income of ?30,000 without investing in equity. Afterwards, with this money, I want to meet financial goals with regard to …

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Feb 01

This article was published in Feb 1.

I am 35 and work in a private company. My wife is a teacher. Our daughter is in class 5. My mother receives a monthly pension of ?5,000 and has minor health issues. I wish to build a retirement corpus before 60. I have low life expectancy going by family history. I have ?2 lakh …

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