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Very rarely do people understand what true financial planning really means. Many assume that saving is sufficient for one's financial plan or when they contribute to a company's PF plan or when they obtain investment advice on tax saving investments. These are all smaller elements of financial planning. So what is the bigger picture?

So, What is True Financial Planning?

Financial planning is a comprehensive, on-going approach that starts with helping you define your aspirations, developing a life plan where you are guided through each step and recommending course corrections along the way, if needed, till the goals are reached.

What Many People Think it is What Financial Planning Really is
About tax saving investments About a secured larger picture for your family while taking care of tax planning.
Once the planning is done, it is over. An ongoing process. As your life evolves, your plan should too.
It's all about the returns. It is really about your aspirations, financial confidence and freedom.
It is about your financials. The financial planning process really starts with your aspirations which are then translated into achievable goals.
Based on transactions done. Based on a long-term, one-to-one relationship with financial planner.

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Can MAC help me take care of my future plans?

Often customers are confused or unclear as to what needs to be done to meet their financial goals or how to do the financial planning. Those who are willing to take charge of their financial goals will be delighted to associate themselves with MAC in formulating their goals. Please come to us we are here to help you plan efficiently.

We also have clients who tell us, "I'm tired of putting off my financial goals." They're ready to take charge now, taking the necessary steps toward reaching their long-term visions. And that's an encouraging sign.

What do I get out of having a working relationship with MAC

A financial plan isn't just about numbers alone. It means working with a qualified professional who can help you plan your financial goals over a lifetime, thus enabling you to monitor your progress happily ever after.

We examine your complete financial picture to understand where you are now, and where you want to go, before developing a plan tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Aspiration> Plan > Monitor > Approach to financial planning looks beyond the numbers to get a clear understanding of your financial needs, goals and visions.

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I am quite confident about my financial decisions, but sometimes it would be nice to get a second opinion.

You've done some research on finance, investments and insurance and realized that finding the right products in a maze of investment avenues to fit your situation requires some professional advice to help you evaluate information and recommend specific products. Doing this raise your comfort levels about your decisions.

I want to protect what I have today and build my wealth for tomorrow. Can you help?

A customized and comprehensive financial plan takes a 360-degree look at your financial picture. MAC takes a holistic view of your financial situation- your savings, spending, investments, your cash flow -- thus protecting what you have while offering a full range of options to suit your specific needs, including investments.